General Assembly 3

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Description: This committee is focussed on the discussing questions pertaining to social, humanitarian, and cultural issues.

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Description: 53 strong, this commission’s regional focus is to ensure that this region is able to expand economically and socially while maintaining environmentally sustainable development, human rights, and increase in trading.

United Nations Human Rights Council

Difficulty: Easy

Description: With 47 members in attendance this council focusses on the promotion and protection of human rights around the world.

World Health Organization

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Description: This specialized agency focusses on the international public health and works to reduce any outbreaks or wide spread diseases.

Committee on the Peaceful Uses for Outer Space

Diffculty: Hard

Description: With new explorations heading in space every year, this committee works to ensure that this new territory is used for the good of all of humanity.

United Nations Security Council

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Description: The council’s main goals are to settle disputes between member countries and to determine the differences between acts of aggression and threats to the peace.

International Court of Justice

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Description: As the principal judicial organ of the United Nations this court is responsible for settling disputes between member countries.

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