March 2-3


Gabriel Epstein, Secretary-General

Sabrina Suen, Director-General

Teya McGuire, Under-Secretary-General for Public Relations

Stephen Rimbakusmo, Under-Secretary-General for Information Technology

Aidan Killackey, Chief of Staff

Megan Eu, Assistant Director-General

Gavin Hashimoto, Under-Secretary-General for Logistics

Jiani Wang, Under-Secretary-General for Finance

Committees and Background Guides

Committe on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

  • Backgound Guide
  • Staff: Jakub Filipek (D), Mckayla Buckley (AD), and Susie Zhang (AD)

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

  • Background Guide
  • Staff: Jacqueline Lu (D), Andrew Chhor (AD), and Rose Schoenfield (AD)

General Assembly Third Committee

Human Rights Council

  • Background Guide
  • Staff: Julie Bouanna (D), Ananda Gordon-Peabody (AD), Oliver Dube (AD)

International Court of Justice

Security Council

Executive Board of the World Health Organization