March 7-8


Aidan Killackey, Secretary-General

Megan Eu, Director-General

Zac Lim, Under-Secretary-General for Public Relations

Sabrina Suen, Deputy Secretary-General

Aliyah Petersen, Assistant Director-General

Gabriel Epstein, Under-Secretary-General for Logistics

Committees, Background Guides, and Awards

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

  • Backgound Guide
  • Staff: Allie Schielle (D) and Mckayla Buckley, Assistant Director

Position Paper Awards

  • Eswatini, Sehome High School
  • Iran, Roosevelt High School
  • Morocco, Shorecrest High School

Commission on the Status of Women

Position Paper Awards

  • Algeria, Sehome High School
  • Haiti, Issaquah High School
  • Nigeria, Roosevelt High School

General Assembly Second Committee

  • Background Guide
  • Staff: Timmy Chang (D), Kritika Sharma (AD), and Rohan Patel (AD)

Position Paper Awards

  • Canada, Skyview High School
  • Czech Republic, International School of Bellevue
  • Estonia, Skyline High School
  • Lebanon, Liberty High School
  • Singapore, Olympia High School
  • Thailand, Shorecrest High School
  • Ukraine, Issaquah High School

Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency

Position Paper Awards

  • France, Columbia River High School
  • Russian Federation, Tesla STEM High School

International Court of Justice

Position Paper Awards

  • Judge ad hoc Yves Daudet, Glacier Peak High School
  • Judge ad hoc James L. Kateka, Columbia River High School
  • Judge Peter Tomka, Olympia High School

Security Council

Position Paper Awards

  • Belgium, Fossil Ridge High School
  • United Kingdom, Kentwood High School

United Nations Environment Assembly

  • Background Guide
  • Staff: Rohit Chandel (D), Soleil de Zwart (AD), and Rochelle Bowyer (AD)

Position Paper Awards

  • Armenia, Steilacoom High School
  • Costa Rica, North America Notable Academy Group
  • Georgia, Sehome High School
  • Italy, International School of Bellevue
  • Oman, Bellevue High School
  • Singapore, Olympia High School
  • Thailand, Shorecrest High School
  • United Kingdom, Kentwood High School