Conference Policies

WaSMUN Photography and Videography Policy

As of 30 September 2019

As a participant of Washington State Model United Nations (hereafter referred to as ""WASMUN"), I authorize and grant WASMUN staff the permission to capture my likeness in photographs and/or video for use in publication and/or social media, including but not limited to: the WASMUN website; social media pages; printed conference materials; and printed outreach materials. I acknowledge that my participation at WASMUN is voluntary, and that I will receive no financial compensation, for participation and/or the use of my likeness. I hold harmless and release and permanently discharge WASMUN from all claims, demands, and causes of action which I, or my representatives, may have by reason of this authorization.

WaSMUN PayMent Policy

As of 30 September 2019

1. All schools and individuals wishing to participate in the conference will be required to submit their country and committee preferences through an online form.

2. Payment system

2.1. Upon registering for the conference, participating schools and/or individuals will receive an invoice for their fees, and are to pay 50% of their entire fee within 14 days of the invoice.

2.2. Payments to the conference are only accepted via credit card, check, or purchase order.

2.2.1. Credit card If the participant is choosing to pay by credit card, the SG will send out an invoice by email, which includes a link

2.2.2. Check If the participant is choosing to pay by check, the check is to be made out to “Washington State Model United Nations” and sent to the following address: 4244 University Way NE #45384 Seattle, WA 98105

2.2.3. Purchase order A purchase order is a binding agreement between WASMUN and a delegation. WASMUN will provide country and committee spots to the school; however, the school is responsible for bringing the exact number they intend to bring to the conference. Individuals and/or schools choosing to pay by purchase order are responsible for bringing the exact number of delegates in accordance with the number provided to WASMUN during registration. In the event that a delegate from a school is unable to attend the conference due to personal circumstances, the delegate no longer able to attend or an individual within that delegation must find a replacement.

3. Refund/withdrawal policy

3.1. By requesting a certain number of position for the conference, schools agree that, to the best of their ability, they will bring that same number of participants to the conference.

3.2. If a student withdraws from attending the conference, it is the responsibility of the school or student, whoever requested the position from WASMUN, to find a replacement.

3.3. Schools that have a change in number to their delegation must email the Secretary-General directly at least 3 weeks (21 days) in advance. Any and all schools and have a change in number after this time period will be charged an extra fee, which is at the discretion of the Secretariat.

4. Fee waiver

4.1. In accordance with its mission statement, WASMUN aims to provide an engaging and affordable conference for all individuals interested in attending. If a delegate or delegation is unable to attend, but is interested in attending, the conference, the conference may provide a fee waiver. The amount of a fee waiver will be at the discretion of the Secretary-General, and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.